Monday, January 19, 2015

DiY Shelf Re-Do!

Often times instead of buying new furniture I like to try to spruce things up myself.  As you can see, I had a boring brown press-wood shelf haunting me in the corner of my office room.  Of course it was a great functional piece of furniture and there was nothing wrong with it - other than the fact that it was just kinda blahhhh....

I decided that I would try out a Pinterest project found here I loved the idea of putting a print on the backside of the shelf. I saw this project done in many different versions on Pinterest, some people went for wallpaper on the backside where as I went for fabric just like

1. Realistically, I was in a mad rush to get this project done as I am trying to 'perfect' my office as fast as I can lol. First, I took all of the shelves out and brought them outside for a fun field day of spray painting. Next, I brought out the whole shebang (of course I had to ask my husband for help. Luckily he just rolled his eyes and did what I asked). 

2. After spraying everything white (including myself) I left the shelf dry outside for about an hour or so. Also, I noticed the back-side cardboard was nailed into the back of the shelf.....

3. Needless to say the cardboard on the back was quite a challenge, instead of taking the nails out and wrapping the fabric around the backside as a whole I decided to take a different approach. I used clear tacks to position the fabric all around the backside of the shelf - this way, if I ever decide to change the fabric I can take out the thumb tacks and re-position a new design. 

I really enjoyed this project and would love to do this with many other pieces.  I have a set of chairs I am just dying to re-do, I will keep you posted on that!


  1. This is so cute!
    xx Elle

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