Saturday, May 9, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer For Target

April 19th 2015 was the release of the Lilly Pulitzer collaboration with Target.  Words cannot describe how excited I was to hear of such news!  I was up ALL night on the early morning hours of April 19th trying to get my order in online, of course I knew there was a high demand for the items but I was not expecting a complete shut down and crash of the entire website.  

Finally after trying 50 million times I was able to get myself signed in to start adding things to my cart, by that time everything had completely sold out.  I have no idea what happened but Shi*t just got real! 

As a Nebraskan, I know many people here don't know who Lilly Pulitzer is and we don't have any stores in the state.  I wasn't sure how crazy the release was going to turn out here.  I lined up around 7:40am April 19th at a local store.  Before the doors were open there were about 30 ladies in line, we all kept telling ourselves "everyones here for something different" and we all laughed.  

As soon as the doors opened there was a mad dash to grab a cart and RUN!! RUN for your LIFE!! lol I went straight for the 'seasonal' section as I had my eye on most of the home goods items.  Lucky for me, I was literally the first one there and I could see others running towards me in a panic.  I quickly grabbed as many items on my list that I could.

The funny thing is, the entire ordeal seemed like a blur to me (maybe because I was up all night trying to get into the website and was a little delirious). There were many things I wanted that I didn't even remember seeing. It was definitely a crazy experience that I am not sure I want to experience again.....Not to mention, someone actually stole the Lilly umbrella out of my cart!! (bastard) Lucky for me they didn't see the other one on the bottom shelf and I quickly grabbed it.  

In general I made out pretty well, there are still many things that I have on my list.  Because I went straight for the seasonal area I was unable to grab anything from the woman's clothing or accessories. I figured, Lilly makes clothes all the time  - she doesn't always make hammocks or patio umbrellas :) 

Take a look at some of the items I scored from the release below. I hope you all got a piece that you wanted from the Lilly for Target release.  How did you all make out? I would love to hear your stories!


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